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137292700 Drum Belt by PartsBroz - Compatible with Frigidaire & Electrolux Dryers & Laundry Centers - Replaces AP4565702, 134163500, 134503900, 148271, 1615170, 5303283287, AH3408299, EA3408299

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Brand: PartsBroz

Color: As shown in the picture


  • ✅ PART NUMBER 137292700: This part is a functional equivalent for parts 137292700, 134163500, 134503900, 148271, 1615170, 5303283287, AH3408299, EA3408299, and PS3408299.
  • ✅ FITS TOP NAME BRANDS: The belt fits select Frigidaire dryers and laundry centers. Frigidaire brands include Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Westinghouse, Electrolux, Sears, and Kenmore.
  • ✅ FIXES COMMON PROBLEMS: If your dryer stops tumbling, fails to start, takes a long time to dry, or makes a lot of noise, you may have a cracked drum belt. To diagnose, just examine the current belt and look for signs of wear.
  • ✅ SIMPLE BEGINNER FIX: Don’t bother with a repairman. In just 30 minutes or less, you can install this new drum belt yourself. You’ll just need a putty knife and screwdriver set.
  • ✅ HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN: This high-quality drum belt is made from non-cracking, wear-resistant rubber to ensure top performance. It has four ridges and three grooves. Specs: 89.5L x 0.25W in.

Details: The belt attaches to the motor pulley system and turns the drum. As your dryer ages, the drum belt will naturally dry out, resulting in a torn or snapped belt. When this happens, your dryer won’t operate like it should. Luckily, replacing a worn belt with the 137292700 exact-equivalent part by PartsBroz is fast and budget-friendly. Installation Tips For safety, first disconnect your appliance from its power source. Helpful tools include a putty knife and screwdriver set. Be sure to install the belt with the grooves facing the drum. Simple Fix Replacing the dryer belt can fix the following problems: Dryer is noisy Dryer doesn’t tumble Dryer doesn’t start Compatible brands and models include but are not limited to: Frigidaire: FEX831CS0, GLET1031CS0, GLET1041AS1, FLEB8200DS0, GLET1142CS0, FLSE72GCSA, FEX831FS0 Crosley: CLCG500FW0, CLCG900FW0 Electrolux: FFLE4033QT0, FFLE4033QW0, FFLE40C3QT0, FFLE40C3QW0, FFLG2022MW2, FFLG2022MW3, FFLG3911QW0, FFLG3911QW1, FFLG4033QT0, FFLG4033QT1, FFLG4033QW0, FFLG4033QW1 Gibson: GES831AS1, GES831CS0, GLSE62RHS1, GES831AS0, GES831AS2 Kenmore/Sears: 41798702891, 41791702000, 41790802990, 41790812990, 41799170120, 41792702200, 41794812301, 41794862301 White Westinghouse: SWSG1031DQ0, SWSG1031DQ1, SWSG1031DS0, SWSG1031DS1, SWSG1031HQ0, SWSG1031HQ2, SWSG1031HQ4, SWSG1031HS0, SWSG1031HS1, SWSG1031HS2, SWSG1031HS4, SWXG831DQ0 Replaces Several Part Numbers: 137292700, 134163500, 134503900, 148271, 1615170, 5303283287, AH3408299, EA3408299, and PS3408299. Questions about compatibility? Reach out to us in the customer questions and answers section or on the PartsBroz storefront.

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Item Condition: New