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LA-1053 Thermostat Kit

Original price $8.99 - Original price $8.99
Original price $8.99
$8.99 - $8.99
Current price $8.99

PART NUMBER LA-1053: It's a high-quality exact equivalent for part numbers AP4242472, 53-0143, 53-0170, 53-0261, 53-1133, 53-1526, AH2162282, EA2162282, ERLA1053, ET403, ET405, K35-601, LA-1053VP, LA1053, PS2162282, SET405, TJ90SET405.

COMPATIBLE BRANDS INCLUDE: Whirlpool, Maytag, Norge, Magic Chef, Crosley, Admiral, Jenn-Air, Hoover, Amana.

FIXES THE FOLLOWING SYMPTOMS: Will Not Start; No heat or not enough heat; Too hot; Shuts off too soon.


Compatible brands and models include but are not limited to:

Maytag: PYE2300AYW, PYG2300AWW, PYET244AYW, PYE3300AYW, PYE2000AYW, PYG2000AWW, PYE2200AYW, PYE4500AYW, PYET344AYW, PYET444AYW, PYG2200AWW, PYE3200AYW, PYGT244AWW, PYE4557AYW, HYE2460AYW, PYG3200AWW, PYE1000AYW, PYG4500AWW, PYE3360AYW, PYG4558AWW, HYE3460AYW, HYG3460AWW, PYG3300AWW, PYE4558AYW, PYGT444AWW, PYG3360AWW, PYG4557AWW, HYG3657AWW, HYG2460AWW, PYG1000AWW, PYGT344AWW, HYG3658AWW, PYE2300AZW, CYG1004AWW, GDGM253A, GDGM253ALP, GDGM253H, GDGM253W, GDGM253WLP, GDGM253YLP, PYE1000AZW, PYE2000AZW, PYE2200AZW, PYE3200AZW, PYE3300AZW, PYE4500AZW, PYET244AZW, PYET344AZW, PYG3250AWW, PYG4500AWQ, LNC-8745, LNC-8745A71, LNC-8745A77, LNC-8753A71, LNC-8753A77, LNC-8757A71, LNC-8757A77, LNC-8759A71, LNC-8759A77, LNC-8761A71, LNC-8761A77.

Admiral: LNC7764A71, LNC8764A71, LNC8766A71, ADE20N3V, LNC7766A71, LNC7760A71, LNC8760A01, LNC8760A71, ADG20K3W, ADG20N3V, AYE1000AYW, AYG1000AWW, LNC7766B71, LDGA200AAE, LNC8766B71, LDGA100BAE, ADE20K3W, LDGA500AAW, LNC7764A77, ADG20L4W, AYE2200AGW, DG18F2WW, LDEA300AGE, LDEA400ACW, LDEA500ACW, LDGA100AAW, LDGA400AAL, LNC7766A00, LNC8760A77, LNC8766A00, PYG2300AGW, ADE20K3A, ADE20K3CKDA, ADE20K3CKDH, ADE20K3CKDW, ADE20K3H, ADE20K4A, ADE20K4H, ADE20K4W, ADE20L4A, ADE20L4H, ADE20L4W, ADE20M3V, ADE25K3A, ADE25K3H, ADE25K3W, ADE26K3A, ADE26K3H, ADE26K3W, ADG20K2A, ADG20K2H, ADG20K2W, ADG20K3A, ADG20K3H, ADG20K4A, ADG20K4H, ADG20K4W, ADG20L1A, ADG20L1H, ADG20L1W, ADG20L2A, ADG20L2H, ADG20L2W, ADG20L4A, ADG20L4H, ADG20M3V, AYE1200AKW, AYE2250AYA, AYE2250AYW, AYG1200AWA, AYG1200AWW, AYG2200AGW, CYE1000AYW, CYE2000AKW, CYE3004AGW, CYE3004AKW, CYE4000AGW, LDGA300AGE, LDGA400AAE, LDGA400AAM, LDGA400AAW, LDGA500AAE, LDGA500AAL, LDGA500AAM, MYE3350AGW, NYE3200AGW, PYE2000AKE, PYE2000GGE, PYE2200AKW, PYE3200AGW, PYE3300AGW, PYE3300AKW, PYGS244AWW, YE224LGV, YE224LKM, YE224LKV.

Amana: DLE231RAW, DLG231RAW.

Crosley: CDE6000W, CDE22B6V, CDG6000W, CDE6500W, CDE7500W, CDE22B7V, CDE7000W, CDE22B8V, CDE8000W, CDG20T6W, CDG22B7V, CDE8500W, CDE20P6W, CDE22B6M, CDG20P8W, CDG22B8V, CDG8000W, CDE20P8W, CDE6000A, CDE20P6A, CDG22B6V, CDE20P8D, CDG20P6A, CDG20P6W, CDG6500W, CDG7000W, CDE20T7W, CDE20T8A, CDE20T8V, CDE20T8W, CDG7500W, CDG8500W, CDE20P6AC, CDE20P6HC, CDE20P6WC, CDE20P7AC, CDE20P7WC, CDE20P8A, CDE20P8AC, CDE20P8DC, CDE20P8H, CDE20P8HC, CDE20P8WC, CDE20R7AC, CDE20R7WC, CDE20T6AC, CDE20T6WC, CDE20T7A, CDE20T7AC, CDE20T7WC, CDE20T8VC, CDE22B6MC, CDE22B6VC, CDE22B7M, CDE22B7VC, CDE22B8M, CDE22B8VC, CDE25P6A, CDE25P6W, CDE26P6AK, CDE26P6WK, CDE6000AZW, CDE6500AZW, CDE6500Q, CDE7500AZW, CDE7500Q, CDE8000A, CDE8000AZW, CDE8500AZW, CDG20C7, CDG20C7A, CDG20C7H, CDG20M6, CDG20M6A, CDG20M6H, CDG20M8, CDG20M8A, CDG20P6AC, CDG20P6HC, CDG20P6WC, CDG20P7A, CDG20P7AC, CDG20P7W, CDG20P7WC, CDG20P8A, CDG20P8AC, CDG20P8D, CDG20P8DC, CDG20P8HC, CDG20P8WC, CDG20R7A, CDG20R7AC, CDG20R7H, CDG20R7W, CDG20R7WC, CDG20T6A, CDG20T7A, CDG20T7W, CDG20T8A, CDG20T8V, CDG20T8W, CDG22B6M, CDG22B7M, CDG22B8M, CDG6000A, CDG6000Q, CDG6500Q, CDG7500Q, CDG8000A.

Hoover: HYE2200AGW, HYE2200AYW, LDGH200AGV, HDE2000GA, HDE2000GW, HDE2000KH, HDE2000KW, HDE2606A, HDE2606H, HDE2606W, HDG2005ALP, HDG2005HLP, HDG2005LP, HYE2200AKW, LDGH200AAV.

Jenn-Air: JDE1000W, JDE2000W, JDE2000A, JDG1000W, JDE1000A, JDG2000W, JDE2000WC, JDE3000A, JDE3000W, JDG1000A, JDG2000A, JDG3000A, JDG3000W.

Magic Chef: CYE2000AYW, YG20HA3, YG20HN3, YE20HN3, YE224LV, YE20HA3, YG225LV, YG20JN2, CYE4000AYW, CYG2000AWW, YE206KW, CYG3004AWW, YG20FN3, YG20JN5, CYG4000AWW, YE20JN4, CYE3004AYW, YG205KW, YG20HA5, YE208KV, YE20HA4, YG20JA4, YG224LV, YG225LM, CYE4000AYA, CYE4000AYS, YE20JA5, YE226LV, YG206KW, YG20JN4, YG226LV, CYE2000AYA, YE14HA1, YE208KA, YE20HN5, YE20JA4, YG205KA, YG206KA, YG209KV, YG20EN2, YG20EN4, YG20HN2, YG20HN3C, YG20HN4, YG20JN1C, YG228LV, CYE2000AZW, CYE3004AZW, CYE4000AZS, CYE4000AZW, CYG2000AWA, CYG4000AWA, CYG4000AWS, DG20F5AM, DG20F5HW, DG20F5WW, YE14HN1, YE14HY1, YE204KAC, YE204KWC, YE205KAC, YE205KWC, YE206KA, YE206KAC, YE206KWC, YE208KW, YE20HA2C, YE20HA3C, YE20HA4C, YE20HA5, YE20HN2C, YE20HN3C, YE20HN4, YE20HN4C, YE20HV3, YE20HY2C, YE20HY3, YE20HY3C, YE20HY4, YE20HY4C, YE20HY5, YE20JA1C, YE20JA2C, YE20JA4C, YE20JA5C, YE20JN1C, YE20JN2C, YE20JN4C, YE20JN5, YE20JN5C, YE20JY4, YE20JY4C, YE216KA, YE216KW, YE224LM, YE224LVC, YE225LVC, YE226LM, YE226LVC, YE228LM, YE228LV, YG204KA, YG204KW, YG204LW, YG205KV, YG208KA, YG208KV, YG208KW, YG209KA, YG209KY, YG20EA1, YG20EA2, YG20EA4, YG20EN1, YG20EY1, YG20EY2, YG20EY4, YG20FA1, YG20FA2, YG20FA3, YG20FA4, YG20FA4K, YG20FA5, YG20FN1, YG20FN2, YG20FN4, YG20FN4K, YG20FN5, YG20FY1, YG20FY2, YG20FY3, YG20FY4, YG20FY4K, YG20FY5, YG20HA2, YG20HA2C, YG20HA3C, YG20HA4, YG20HN2C, YG20HN5, YG20HV3, YG20HY2, YG20HY2C, YG20HY3, YG20HY3C, YG20HY4, YG20HY5, YG20JA1C, YG20JA2, YG20JA25, YG20JA2C, YG20JA5, YG20JN25, YG20JN2C, YG20JY25, YG20JY4, YG216KA, YG216KW, YG224LM, YG226LM, YG228LM.

Norge: DEP223V, DGL203W, DEL203W, DEN203W, DEN203A, DEM205W, DEL203H, DEM205A, DEP223M, DEP224V, DEL203A, DEL204W, DEM204W, DGM204W, DGM205A, DGM205W, DEL202WC, DEL203AC, DEL203HC, DEL203WC, DEL204A, DEL204H, DEL253A, DEL253H, DEL253W, DEL263A, DEL263H, DEL263W, DEM202AC.

WARNING: California's Proposition 65