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3412D024-09 Gas Burner Head (4-Pack)

Original price $34.88 - Original price $34.88
Original price $34.88
$34.88 - $34.88
Current price $34.88

PART NUMBER 3412D024-09: It's a high-quality exact equivalent for part numbers AP6008592, 12500050, 3412D007-00, 3412D007-09, 3412D014-09, 3412D015-09, 3412D016-09, 3412D017-09, 3412D018-09, 74003963, ER74003963, PS11741732, WP3412D024-09VP.

COMPATIBLE BRANDS INCLUDE: Whirlpool, Samsung, Maytag, Admiral, Amana, Magic Chef, Crosley, Hardwick, Jenn-Air, Hoover, Norge.

FIXES THE FOLLOWING SYMPTOMS: Will Not Start; Gas igniter glows, but will not light; Gas smell.

COMPATIBLE WITH PRODUCT TYPE: Range, Cooktop, Microwave Oven Combo.

Compatible brands and models include but are not limited to:

Samsung: RGSF5330DT.

Maytag: MGR4452BDB, MGR5770ADB, MGR5751BDB, MGS5770ADB, MGS5870ADC, CRG9700CAM, MGR4451ADW, MGR5755ADB, MGS5870ADB, CRG7400CAW, MGRH752BDB, CHG9800BAB, CSG9000CAB, MGR4410ADH, MGR4451BDW, CRG7400BAW, MGR5770BDB, CRG7500AAW, CRG9800AAB, CSG5600CAL, CSG7000CAB, MGR5751BDW, MGS5770ADC, CRG7500AAL, CRG9300CAL, CRG9700AAW, CRG9700BAW, MGR4451BDQ, MGR5745ADB, MGR5750BDB, MGR5751ADW, MGR5880BDB, CHG9800BAM, CRG9700AAL, CRG9700BAL, MGR4451BDB, MGR4452BDS, MGR5751BDQ, MGR5752BDB, MGRH752BDQ, PGR4409ADH, CRG9300CAW, CRG9800CAB, MGR4451ADQ, MGR5720ADT, MGR5729ADL, MGR5751BDS, MGR5775ADB, MGR5780BDB, MGR5780BDS, CHG9830BAB, CRG7500CAL, CRG8200AAW, CRG9800BAL, CSG7000BAB, GM3468XUW-X, LCRG860, MGR4410ADL, MGR4450ADL, MGR4451ADB, MGR5720ADH, MGR5720ADL, MGR5751ADQ, PGR4405CDH, PGR4405CDT, PGR4420LDQ, CHG9800AAB, CRG7400BAL, CRG7400CAL, CRG7500CAW, CRG7600AAW, BCRG860, BCRG860A, CRG0760AAL, CRG0760AAW, CRG0860AAL, CRG0860AAW, CRG560, CRG560A, CRG760, CRG7600AAL, CRG760A, CRG7700AAL, CRG7700AAW, CRG7700BAL, CRG7700BAW, CRG7700CAL, CRG8200AAL, CRG8200BAW, CRG8200CAW, CRG8400AAL, CRG8400AAW, CRG860, CRG8600AAB, CRG8600AAL, CRG8600BAB, CRG8600BAL, CRG8600BAW, CRG860A, CRG9700CAW, CRG9800AAL, CRG9800AAW, CRG9800BAM, CRG9800CAM, CRG9830CAB, CRG9830CAM, CSG5600BAW, CSG5600CAD, CSG9000BAB, MGRH451BDW, MRG5729ADA.

Admiral: GM3211GXAW, 676AM-KSVW, 686AM-TKS, A3478XRA, LGR3330ADW, 675AM-KSVW, 675WM-KSVW, 676WM-KSVW, 686AM-CKSV, 686WM-CKSV, 686WM-TKS, 687AM-TKSAW, 687WM-TKSAW, A3137XRA, A3137XRALT, A3137XRW, A3137XRWLT, A3137XUALT, A3137XUWLT, A31703PAAL, A31703PAWL, A31703SAAL, A31703SAWL, A31713XAAL, A31713XATL, A31713XAWL, A3177XRA, A3177XRW, A3277XRA, A3277XRA-N, A3277XRW, A3277XRW-N, A3478XRA-N, A3478XRW, A3478XRW-N, A3488XRA, A3488XRW, A6257XRS, A6498XRS, A8241RA, A8241RA-L, A8241RS, A8241RT-L, A8241RW, A8241RW-L, A8261RB, CHGA400BAB, CRG7500CGW, CRG9700CGM, CRGA400AAL, CRGA400BAL, CRGA400BAW, CRGA500AAL, CRGA500AAW, CRGA650AAL, CRGA650AAW, CRGA700AAL, CRGA700AAW, CRGA800AAL, CRGA800AAW, CRL7400CAL, CRL7400CAW, D31103SAAL, D31103SAWL, D3167XRALT, D3167XRWLT, D3167XUALT, D3167XUWLT, D3167XVALT, D3167XVWLT, D8241RA-L, D8241RT-L, D8241RW-L, G3127WRA, G3127WRA-3, G3127WRA-4, G3127WRA-5, G3127WRW-3, G3127WRW-4, G3127XRA-5, G3216SRA-M, G3216SRW-M, G3216WRA-M, G3216WRW-M, G3227WRA-M, G3227WRAM3, G3227WRAM4, G3227WRW-M, G3227WRWM3, G3227WRWM4, G3227XRA, MLR4410BXH, MLR4410BXL, MLR4410BXT.

Amana: AGR4400ADW, AGR5712ADQ, DCF3305BT, AGR4412ADB, AGR4412ADW, AGR5712ADZ, AGR4412ADQ, AGR4412ADS, AGR5712ADB, AGR5712ADS, AGR5712ADW, AGR5712BDB, AGR5712BDQ, AGR5712BDW, AGR5712BDZ, ALZ8590ADB, ALZ8590ADS, DCF3305BK.

Magic Chef: 31213XAW, 3468XVA, 3468XVW, 8351VB, 31003SAW, CGR3740ADL, 3448XTW, CGR3740BDT, 31203KAW, 31213WAW, 34MA-3TKXW, 6498VTA, 6498XRS, CGR1430BDH, CGR1430BDT, 3448XTA, CGR1425ADW, 3127XTA, 8241RB, CGS3760ADC, 31213XAA, 3127XTW, 3468XRA, 61S14WAW, 6498XTS, 6498XVS, CGR3740ADH, CGR3742CDT, 3167XUW, 3187VRA, CGR1425ADQ, CGR3730ADH, CGR3760ADL, 3167XRA-X, 3167XTW, 31MN-3KX, 3468XRW, 3468XTA, 34MN-3TKXW, 6498XVB, 8361RW, CGR1415ADH, CGR3742BDC, 31315XAA, 34MA-23CKX-ON, 34MA-3TKXW-ON, 6157WUA, 61S14WAA, 7458XUA, CGR3730ADT, CGR3742ADC, CGR3742CDH, CGS1230ADH, CGS1740ADT, CGS3760ADB, 31003SAA, 31213WAA, 3167XRW, 3458XVS, 3468XTW, 3488VRA, 6157WUW, 61S04PAW, 6257XTS, 7458XTW, 7458XVA, 8241RA, 8241RW, 8351VS, CGR3725ADS, CGR3740BDH, CGR3760ADH, CGS1740ADH, 31203SAA, 31203SAW, 31213SAW, 3126SRA, 3147XRA, 3167XUA, 3187VTA, 31MA-3KX, 3267XRA, 3267XRW, 3267XTW, 3448XRW, 3458SVA, 3458XVB, 3468XVA-X, 3468XVB, 3468XVW-X, 3488VTA, 3488XTW, 3488XVA, 3488XVB, 34MN-23CKX-ON, 34MN-5TKVW, 6100PTW, 6157XRA, 61S14XAA, 62S14XAS, 6458XTA, 6498VRA, 8241RS, 8261RB, 8341VB, CGR3725ADB, CGR3725ADQ, CGR3760BDB, 22MW-7KLXV8, 24MA-7CKXWV8, 2543, 31003KAWD, DF253661, DF253667, DF255677.

Crosley: C31103SAA, C31103SAW, CG31600ADV, CG3438SRA, C31113WAA, C31113WAB, CG3438SRW, C31113WAT, C31113XAW, CG3177XRA, CG34300ADT, CG34300ADW, CP31600ADQ, C31113XAA, CG3137XUW, CG31600ADQ, CG3177XRW, CG34800ADS, CG6498VVA, C31103SAT, C31113WAAP, C31113WATP, C31113XAT, C31315XBT, C31315XBW, CG3137XUA, CG31400ADW, CG31600ADB, CG3177XUA, CG3177XUW, CG34300ADA, CG34700BDT, CG34700BDW, CG3478XRA, CG3478XRW, CG3478XVA, CG3478XVW, CG34800ADT, CG34800ADW, CG34800BDS, CGA3D6CSVK-1, CGA4D59TSK-1, CGW3D6CSVK-1, CGW4D59TSK-1, CP31600ADV, GC3177WUA, GC3177WUW.

Hardwick: CKM9641W589RGC, CKM9641W580RW, CM9641W590R, CKM9641A580RW, CKM9641A589RGD, CM9641A590R, CPM9841KA689DG, CPM9841KW689DG, CPM9841W689DG, H31103SAA, H3137WRA-L, H3137WRV-L, H3137WUA-L, H3177XRA, H3177XRW, H3177XUA, H3177XUW, H3277VRA, H3277VRV, H3277VUA, H3277XRA, H3277XRW, H3277XUA, H3277XUW, H3478VRA, H3478VVA, H3478XRA, H3478XRW, H3478XVA, H3478XVB, H3478XVW.

Jenn-Air: JGR8855BDS, JGR8855ADS, JGR8850ADB, CCG2521B, JGR8750ADB, JGR8850BDB, CCG2421B, FCG20100R, FCG20100T, FCG2040B, FCG2041B, FCG2042B, FCG20500B, FCG20600B, FCG20610B, J31213XAA.

Hoover: GV3177WUA, GV3177WUW, GV3177WUW5.

Norge: N3438SRA, GN3177WUA, GN3177WUW, GN3277XUA, GN3277XUW, N31115XAA, N31115XAW, N3137XRA, N3137XRW, N3177XRA, N3177XRW, N3177XUA, N3177XUW, N3438SRW, N3478XRA, N3478XRW, N3478XVA, N3478XVW, NGA3M8CKV, NGA3M8TKS, NGW3M8CKV, NGW3M8TKS.

WARNING: California's Proposition 65