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WE12M29 Drum Belt, WE1M504 Bearing Slides (2-Pack) & WE25M40 Rear Drum Bearing Kit by PartsBroz - Compatible with General Electric Dryers - Replaces 559C197P001, EA755842 & WE3X36

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Brand: PartsBroz

Color: As shown in the picture


  • ✅ PART NUMBER WE12M29: A dryer drum belt helps to turn the drum during a drying cycle. This high-quality exact replacement part is a functional equivalent to part numbers WE12M29, AP4324040, WE12X21574, 1381519, 559C197P001, 559C197P003, PS1766009, WE120122, WE12M0022, WE12M22, and WE12M33.
  • ✅ PART NUMBER WE1M504 (2-PACK): The set includes 2 bearing slides, also called bearing drum slides, pads, or glides. They directly replace part numbers WE1M504, AP3206716, TJDE504, TJWE1M333, 963512, AH755842, DE775, EA755842, ERWE1M333, PS755842, TJDE775, WE01M0333, and WE1M333.
  • ✅ PART NUMBER WE25M40: This rear drum bearing kit includes the shaft, bearing, and all the necessary hardware. It directly replaces part numbers AP2619300, 784658, AH267529, EA267529, PS267529, WE02X0195, WE03M0015, WE03M0065, WE03X0036, WE03X0039, WE03X0065, WE25M0040, WE2X195, WE2X195D, WE3M15, WE3M65, WE3X36, WE3X39, and WE3X65.
  • ✅ FOR GE DRYERS: It’s compatible with several GE manufactured General Electric clothes dryers. Refer to your owner’s manual or contact us to confirm compatibility with your model.
  • ✅ HIGH-QUALITY SET: Our 3-in-1 dryer repair set includes everything you need to replace the dryer drum belt, 2 bearing slides, and the bearing in your dryer. Each component features a durable construction designed to meet or exceed all original manufacturer specifications for performance and fit.

Details: Compatible with: Dryer, Washer/Dryer Combo, Washer. Replacing all three parts can fix following symptoms: Will not tumble; Noisy; No heat or not enough heat; Marks left on clothes; Takes too long to dry; Will Not Start. Compatible brands and models include but are not limited to: General Electric: DBXR453EV0WW, DPSR473EW0WW, DBXR463EB0WW, DBXR453EA1WW, DBSR453EB0WW, DPSR473GW0WW, DBXR453GV0WW, DPSR483EA1WW, DBXR453ET5WW, DBSR453EB2WW, DBXR463ED1WW, DBXR453ET3WW, DHDSR46EG0WW, DBSR463EG0WW, DBXR453GT5WW, DPSR483EA0WW, DHDSR46EE1WW, DPSR475EW0WW, DWSR483EB0WW, DBXR463GB0WW, DWXR473ET5WW, DX4500EA1WW, NBXR453EV0WW, DBVH512EF0WW, DBXR463ED2WW, DPXR473EW0WW, DPSQ495ET0WW, DBSR453EB3WW. Samsung: HTDP120ED0WW, HTDP120GD0WW, HTDX050PM1WW, HTDX050PM2WW, HTDX100ED0WW, HTDX100EM0WW, HTDX100EM1WW, HTDX100EM2WW, HTDX100GD0WW, HTDX100GM0WW, HTDX100GM1WW, HTDX100GM2WW, NBXR333EG1WW, NBXR333EG2WW, NBXR333EG3WW, NBXR333EG4WW, NBXR333EG5WW, NBXR333EG6WW, NBXR333EG7WW, NBXR333GG1WW, NBXR333GG2WW, NBXR333GG3WW, NBXR333GG4WW, NBXR333GG5WW, NBXR333GG6WW, NBXR333GG7WW, NBXR333GG8WW, NISR333DTBWW, NISR333DTCWW, NISR333DTDWW. Kenmore / Sears: 266,153211, 266,153221, 266,1532211, 266,1532212, 266,1532311, 266,1532312, 266,1532412, 266,1532413, 266,1532513, 267,15321, 267,153211, 267,153221, 267,1532211, 267,1532212, 267,1532311, 267,1532312, 267,1532412, 267,1532413, 363,6153211, 363,6153241, 363,6154221, 363,6154231, 363,6154241, 363,6154241, 363,7153211, 363,71542, 363,7154221, 363,7154231, 363,7154241. Unsure about compatibility? Reach out to us on the PartsBroz store front or in the customer questions and answer section.

UPC: 0725330956505

EAN: 725330956505

Item Condition: New